Piracy Reading Room at The Bluecoat, Liverpool

The Piracy Reading Room is set up at the Bluecoat as part of the group exhibition “Resource.” The exhibition extends its enquiry into use and usefulness to its own surroundings, questioning the nature, but also future possibilities of arts centres. Is their value based solely on what is presented publicly or what is also produced behind the […]

Piracy Project Reading Room at Kunstverein Munich

As part of CodeX at Kunstverein Munich The Piracy Project has installed a one-month reading organising the Piracy Collection according to distribution networks. The white market for books encompasses all legal and authorised distribution through traditional channels. The books in this selection have been produced through publishing houses, have ISBN numbers and are produced in […]

Piracy Project Reading Room at Academy of Media Art Cologne

We’ll bring the Piracy Collection to Cologne to set up a temporary reading room. Drop in for a cup of coffee, and for daily readings, our Gespräch an der Bar and the symposium The Politics of Narrative with screenwriter Sylke Rene Meyer.  

Piracy Project Reading Room at Grand Union

This winter the Piracy Collection will be housed at Grand Union. We’ll be also giving a talk at Birmingham Public Library Active and Passive Love of Books and run a workshop with Karen di Franco to come up with alternative classification terms for selected books from the Piracy Collection. Thank you Cheryl Jones for being […]

Piracy Collection Reading Room at SALT Research, Istanbul

Eva Weinmayr is in residence at SALT Reseach in Istanbul. She brings The Piracy Project to İstanbul in the form of a temporary reading room and parallel events. Weinmayr develops a platform to discuss unauthorized approaches to the recontextualization of cultural works—focusing not only on artists and writers, but also on publishers, programmers, academics, and business people in […]

The Grand Domestic Revolution goes on

We set up a Piracy Reading Room at The Grand Domestic Revolution exhibition. GDR is an ongoing ‘living research’ project initiated by Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory, Utrecht as a multi-faceted exploration of the domestic sphere to imagine new forms of living and working in common. Inspired by US late nineteenth-century ‘material […]


and and and and and and and contextual publishing and and and messy and personal and and and distribution and and the in-words: informal, intergenerational, intersectional and and and learns how to box and unbox, Marabouparken Konsthall Stockholm and and rethinks where the thinking happens – in conversation with Sarah Kember, Goldsmiths Press and and and is […]

Self-publish and Disseminate! Kunstverein Munich

Kunstverein Munich, Andrea Francke & Eva Weinmayr, London, invite you to join us for a workshop, which will discover and connect independent publishing practices, distribution activities and potential resources in Munich and elsewhere. The workshop will give the tools for a self-led publishing practice leading to a publication, which will map existing independent (publishing) practices […]

Gespräch an der Bar 

Thank you all for coming to Andrea Francke and Eva Weinmayr’s talk in the Piracy Project Reading Room in Cologne and special thanks to Sarah Käsmayr for telling us about her stunning research into the the history of pirated versions of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ Chronicle of a Death Foretold in Germany in the 70s and 80s — […]

Giving What You Don’t Have

Cornelia Sollfrank interviewed us in the Piracy Project Reading Room at Grand Union in Birmingham. The conversation is par of her research Giving What You Don’t Have including interviews with Femke Snelting, Sean Dockray, Marcell Mars Dmytri Kleiner and Kenneth Goldsmith.

Making Social Realities With Books

Brett Bloom (Temporary Services, Chicago) invited the Piracy Project to run a one-week international workshop with students from Denmark, Reykjavik and Estonia. We asked students to produce a publication in response to one term of their choice from the list below. This list of words set up a framework to discuss the relationships we build […]