Boxing and Unboxing

21 April – 26 August 2018
Marabouparken Konsthall, Stockholm

During our residency at Marabouparken Guestroom we invite you to learn how to box and unbox. Together with curator Jenny Richards we will organise two weeks of boxing classes for women, girls, trans and non-binary people as well as three unboxing classes open to all. The boxing is hosted at Project Playground in Sundbyberg.  More…




* Rhani Lee Remedes, Society for cutting up boxes,The SCUB Manifesto, in LTTR # 1
* Rhani Lee Remedes, Society for cutting up boxes,The SCUB Manifesto, in LTTR # 1

Why Publish? workshop at MayDay Rooms

4 — 6 March 2015
MayDay Rooms London

A part of  Why Publish? we will visit MayDay Rooms, founded as a  safe haven for historical material linked to social movements, experimental culture and the radical expression of marginalised figures and groups. Here we will unwrap three selected archives, including Jo Spence, East London Big Flame and British Poster Film Collective. We will discuss the relevance of these specific archives for us today and respond to them by developing a set of posters, articulating our current dilemmas, propositions and visions. We will screen print the posters on site by building our own silkscreens and making paper stencils.

There is a big kitchen, where we can cook meals as well as a set of digital cameras, we can use to record conversations and document activities as they unfold. On Friday afternoon we can jointly edit the recordings into a short film. More…


Self-publish and Disseminate! Kunstverein Munich

7 – 28 November 2014
Kunstverein Munich

Kunstverein Munich, Andrea Francke & Eva Weinmayr, London, invite you to join us for a workshop, which will discover and connect independent publishing practices, distribution activities and potential resources in Munich and elsewhere.

The workshop will give the tools for a self-led publishing practice leading to a publication, which will map existing independent (publishing) practices in Munich. The workshop includes site visits to publishers, artists, archives as well as seminars, workgroups and breakfasts with guest lecturers from Munich and abroad: Stephan Dillemuth (Publikationen der Zeit), Ingrid Scherf (Basis Buchhandlung/Das Blatt), Sara Käsmayr (Raubkopierbuch), Philip Gufler (Archiv Forum Sexualität München), Ruth Höflich (independent publishing and visit to print workshop Höflich), Marcel Mars (Memory in collaboration with Florida, Hamman von Mier (independent publishers), Anna McCarthy (Nein – Platform Munich)  and a tour to Copy Shop Unikopie.

Come to expand and exchange your knowledge, meet other people and contribute to the publication. The workshop takes place in the Piracy Collection Reading Room, which will be open to the public at Kunstverein Munich. Many thanks to Akademieverein München and Erwin-und Gisela von Steiner Stiftung for generous support.

Download the workshop poster here.



Ingrid Scherf’s archive of Das Blatt (1973-1984), Germany’s first alternative City Magazine in Munich



Making Social Realities With Books

15 – 19 April 2013
Rum 46, Jutland Art Academy Aarhus

Brett Bloom (Temporary Services, Chicago) invited the Piracy Project to run a one-week international workshop with students from Denmark, Reykjavik and Estonia. We asked students to produce a publication in response to one term of their choice from the list below. This list of words set up a framework to discuss the relationships we build through our work. The resulting publications were added to the Making Social Realities With Books Reading Room at rum 46.


Working in the Edges – self publishing with print on demand

Feb – March 2013, Oct – Dec 2014
The Showroom London

Two short evening courses in 2013 and 2015 explored histories, concepts and methods of print-on-demand publishing. Participants produced their own books through one of the print-on-demand services available and developed a way to customize, improve or challenge the implicit limitations. We experimented with the mechanics of these automated processes and came up with direct responses to the limits of the medium by intervening, disrupting or modifying it.
Download full programme here.




Help/less at Printed Matter New York

August 2012
Printed Matter, New York

As part of the exhibition Help/less at Printed Matter, The Piracy Project will host a panel discussion and book pirating workshop. The panelists Anthony Huberman, Joanne McNeil (Rhizome), Sergio Muñoz Sarmiento (Clancco) and David Senior (MoMA Library) will be asked to select one of the books from the exhibition which they would like to see included into the Piracy Collection and present as well as defend their choice. Out of these conversations, which negotiated concepts of originality, copying and taste three books will be chosen as the winners. We will make a copy of each of the winning books to include them in the Piracy Collection in London.


Unravel Unauthorise Upcycle, Eastside Projects

21 July 2012, 1—8pm
Eastside Projects Birmingham

We invite you to a one day workshop exploring different strategies for selfpublishing. Using Gavin Wade’s manifesto Upcycle This Text as a starting point, you in collaboration with other participants develop an instant publication and take it to print.

In the evening Harry and Robin (An Endless Supply), Gavin Wade (Eastside Projects) and Eva and Lynn (AND Publishing) seek to unpick thinking around self publishing by interrogating the structures and systems that limit and subvert the flow of information and ideas. Convened by Extra Special People.


Mary Had a Little Lamb

8 — 11 June 2012
PrintRoom, Rotterdam

This three-day workshop is a creative collaboration with our everyday digital devices (laptops, voice recorders, smartphones, scanners, digital cameras). Tracing the glitches, flaws and corruptions that occur when a message is passed through a line of devices we will explore the implicit transformation processes and their invisible background operations. The resulting material will form the content of a publication, which will be printed on the last day of the workshop.

This experiment is based on Whisper Down the Lane, Broken Telephone, Stille Post, the famous children’s game that explores how easily information can become corrupted by errors typically accumulating in the retelling of one story. Replacing the human imagination with digital devices we will take this game to a different level.

Please get in touch with PrintRoom to book a space. And if possible, please bring your digital gadgets, laptop, mobile phone, smart phone and similar.
Saturday – Sunday from 13:00 to 17:00
Monday from 11:00 to 14:00 (optional)


Self Publishing Surgeries at X Marks the Bökship

18 April — 22 May 2012
X Marks the Bökship, London

Do you have a self-publishing project that you would like help producing? Are you interested in learning more about the principles of print on demand (POD) from a practical or theoretical perspective? Or would you like a better under-standing of what production, paper and dissemination options are available?
We would like to help by giving you tangible advice with our one hour-long surgery, including:
° Conceptual and practical advice for your POD project
° Examples of interesting approaches to POD and dissemination
° Lots of sample papers and books to see
° Instruction on using AND Public platform