Help us explore the language of piracy

February — November 2013

Join us in exploring the blurred spaces between these terms.
How does plagiarising challenge the common perceptions of originality? What are the political connotations of gleaning? Is there a moral conundrum when forging? Each of these words frames the relationship we build to somebody else’s work and carries a distinct set of values, which we aim to challenge. 

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Help us to finance an essay to explore your favourite word, or the one you hate the most, or the one that puzzles you. Each term needs 12 shares at £ 25 each to be commissioned. A few of them have already been funded by different institutions but we would like to explore all 20 terms as part of the forthcoming book.

Your name will be attached to the respective chapter. Please get in touch, if you have any questions.

Language of Piracy