Why Publish? workshop at MayDay Rooms

4 — 6 March 2015
MayDay Rooms London

A part of  Why Publish? we will visit MayDay Rooms, founded as a  safe haven for historical material linked to social movements, experimental culture and the radical expression of marginalised figures and groups. Here we will unwrap three selected archives, including Jo Spence, East London Big Flame and British Poster Film Collective. We will discuss the relevance of these specific archives for us today and respond to them by developing a set of posters, articulating our current dilemmas, propositions and visions. We will screen print the posters on site by building our own silkscreens and making paper stencils.

There is a big kitchen, where we can cook meals as well as a set of digital cameras, we can use to record conversations and document activities as they unfold. On Friday afternoon we can jointly edit the recordings into a short film. More…