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Betascript Publishing,  
Unrealised Projects by Betascript Publishing  
Date: 2011  
Format: 23 x 13 cm, 64 pages  
Printing: POD, perfect bound  
ISBN: 978-613-5-22491-7  
Source: Wikipedia  
A seemingly legitimate art book using Lynn Harris and Sam Ely's own title, Unrealised Projects, this is, in fact, merely an unauthorised reprint of various Wikipedia articles, starting with the one for Harris and Ely and then taking direction on further content from the articles it links to. Harris, who found it for sale at, says, 'The book is rife with conflicting disclaimers about authenticity, quality, authorship, and is legitimately sold on many online shops as an academic resource. It is a disjointed cultural artifact that reflects the problematic side of reproduction and distribution in our networked digital ecosystem...'