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Anonymous Peruvian Pirate , Cien Años de Soledad
Anonymous Peruvian Pirate , Comedores
Anonymous , Solidarity for the Greek anarchist comrades imprisioned for the Revolutionary Struggle case
Alias , Mexico Robert Smithson - Selección de Escritos
Alias , Mexico David Hammons - Por Eso Estamos Aqui
Alias , Mexico Teignmouth Electron - Tacita Dean
Hephaestus Books , UK Whole Earth, including: Buckminister Fuller, Wired (magazine), Whole Earth Review, Stewart Brand, Howard Rheingold, Whole Earth Catalogue, Kevin Kelly (editor), Coevolution Quarterly, The Well, Point Foundation (environment), Jim Channon, Portola Ins
Cneai , France Eau de cologne
anonymous word , CA a bootleg open source literary anthology
Marilena Agathou and Elina Roinioti, Greece One Hundred Gravures from 1797 that illustrate the book "The New Justine or The Misfortunes of Virtue" followed by "The Story of her sister Juliette or The Prosperity of Vice" of Marquis de Sade
Greg Allen, USA The Deposition of Richard Prince in the Case of Cariou v Prince et al
Anonymous, Manifesta Bird, Notes for an Art School
Anonymous, London NO LAND
Anonymous Chinese pirate, China Mark 7 – Another Architecture
Anonymous Chinese pirate , China AA Projects Collection & Portfolio 2010
Anonymous Chinese pirate, China Tin Tin
Anonymous Chinese pirate, China AA Book Projects Review 2010
Anonymous Chinese pirate, Tintin and the Mysterious Snowman
Anonymous Istanbul, Feminism/Postmodernism
Anonymous Peruvian Pirate, Peru El Sueño del Celta 1 and 2
Anonymous Peruvian Pirate, Peru Bell Seller
Anonymus Peruvian Pirate, Peru No se lo digas a nadie
Zoe Anspach, UK Design as art revisited
Anyonymous Chinese pirate, China Blink
Marie Artaker, UK Simulations On Photography
Atlas Projectos, Germany O novo guia de conversação, em portuguez e inglez
Mina Bach, UK Signed A.C.
Justin Bailey, UK Landscape pictures breed landscape pictures. Parts I & II
Stuart Bailey, US Extended Caption (DDDG)
Alison Ballance, UK A Play of the Book Great Ideas "Why I Write - George Orwell"
Hester Barnard, Canada Flash (Back) Forward
Hester Barnard, Canada Copied Right
Hester Barnard, Canada Pixel
Banu Cennetoglu BAS, An Interrupted History of Punk and Underground Resources in Turkey 1978-1999
Vera, Joachim Melf, Eva Weinmayr, Büchlmann, UK Mexico
Susanne Bürner, Vanishing Point - how to disappear in America without a trace
Bent Artists' Books, Turkey Kaldırım Destanı-Kaldırımlar Kurdunun Hayatı
Betascript Publishing, Unrealised Projects by Betascript Publishing
Beatriz Bittencourt, Brazil História da Arte Pirata
Harry Blackett (An Endless Supply), UK Blasted Allegories
Camille Bondon, France Jacques Ranciere, Le Maitre Ignorant
Lena Brüggemann, Gesammelte Schriften
Stephen Bury, USA Strange
By Other Means, USA Traffic in Highway Gothic
Rachel Cattle, UK The Elements of Drawing
Rachel Cattle, UK The Elements Of Perspective
John & Daniel C. Howe Cayley, USA How It Is in Common Tongues
Banu Cenetoglu, Turkey Scary Asian Men
Visakesa Chandrasekaram, Sri Lanka Tigers Don't Confess
Neil Chapman, UK Georges Perec's The Winter Journey rewritten from memory
Neil Chapman, UK The Book of Jonah
Neil Chapman, UK Proust and Signs
Matthias Conrady, nonii!
Nuno Da Luz, Portugal Zetetetics
Kajsa Dahlberg, Germany A Room of One's Own / Four Hundred Thirty Three Libraries
Elif Demirkaya, TR Postproduction of Postproduction
Simon Denny, Germany All You Need is Data - The DLD 2012 Conference Redux
Arnaud Desjardin, UK Against Intellectual Property
Anita di Bianco, Germany Corrections and Clarifications
Eric Doeringer, 60 Years Later, Coming Through The Rye
Joan Vicent Mari Domenech, Spain reproducible, irreproducible
Rowena Easton, UK Stuff Recalled: Through Unnatural Translation
Brian Eccleshall, UK Modern Painters: Traced, Shrunk and Printed
Laura Edbrook, Scotland The Black Merkin
Emma Edmondson, UK Not Another Newspaper
Tim Etchells, UK Vacuum Days
Tim Etchells, Unsound Method I + II (after Conrad)
Vicky Falconer, UK The Neutral
Anne Nora Fischer, Denmark Den Handinbudne Bog
Nancy Fleischhauer, UK Franz Kafka "The Metamorphosis" 1915
Andrea Francke, UK Granta
Jonathan Franzen, US Freedom
Thomas Galler, Switzerland Various Fires and Four Running Boys
Genco Gülan, TR KING
Willum Geerts, The Netherlands Sorry Bible
Mihael Giba, Croatia Trust Me I Trust You
Jillian Greenberg, USA The Poetics of Space
Chris Habib, Plagiarist
Chris Habib, SCUM Manifesto
Joe Hale, UK Getting Inside Simon Morris' Head
Andrea Hannon, UK A Tale for the Fall of the Year and Other Poems, 1959
Ralph Hawkins, UK Accumulated Narrative
Antonia Hirsch, Komma (after Dalton Trumbo's Johnny Got His Gun)
YoungHee Hong, UK Paper Print, Train taking up mail bag, U.S.P.O
YoungHee Hong, UK Paper Print, Albany, N.Y., fire department
David Horvitz, US A Wikipedia Reader
Sophie Hoyle, UK GMC Cut/Up 1: Conical Intersect
Sophie Hoyle, UK GMC Cut/Up II
Anthony Huberman, US Read This Last
Lam Jackson, Adam Cheltsov, Patrick Lacey, Jérome Rigaud, UK Fount
Flint Jamison, Veneer. 01/18
Phillip Edward Johnson, UK Tarzan Alive: Addendum 2
Sarah Käsmayr, Ein Raubdruck buch
J.P. King, Toronto Parts of Books Copied Without Permission
Sjoerd Knibbeler and Rob Wetzer, The Netherlands Arboreal
Karen Lacroix, UK The Art of Kissing
Kaisa Lassinaro, UK Shampoo Silenced
Sarah Lüdemann, UK Whäis off ßiejing
Antoine Lefebvre, France Various ( La Bibliotheque Fantastique)
Marysia Lewandowska, UK Terms of Use, Pre-reading
Marysia Lewandowska, UK Shadowboxing- issue 1 "What is an Apparatus?"
Tan Lin, Heath Course Pak
Sarah MacKillop, UK Book Cover
Ilan Manouach, Greece Katz
Q. R. Markham, US Assassin of Secrets
Felipe Martinez, USA The Devil to Pay in the Backlands
Scott Massey, UK Professionalisation
Leri Matehha, Kriises Vedelen
Jan Matthé, Belgium Katalog 1
Scott McCarney, US Various Fires & MLK
Boris Meister, Switzerland Lygia Clark - Objetos Relacionais
Michael's Bookshop, UK The History and Antiquities, as well Ecclesiaitical as Civil, of the Ille of Tenet, in Kent
Michael's Bookshop, UK The Picturesque Pocket Companion to Margate, Ramsgate, Broadstairs & the parts adjacent
Michael's Bookshop, UK Lady Montefiore's Cookbook
Kate Morrell, UK Hoard
Simon Morris, UK Re-writing Freud
Simon Morris, UK Getting Inside Jack Kerouac's Head
Simon Morris, UK Pigeon Reader
John Moseley, UK The Airtight Garage in black and white
authors multiple, 000 Kitap
Sky Nash, UK Finger
Aurélie Noury / Éditions Lorem Ipsum, France Pierre Menard, "El Ingenioso hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha", 2009
Aurélie Noury / Éditions Lorem Ipsum, France Federico Juan Carlos Loomis, "Peut-être", "Lune","Creme","Paillasse","Ours" "Béret basque", 2009
Luis Felipe Ortega, Mexico Report to an Academy
David Osbaldeston, UK Stellar, issue 10, issue 17/8
Mark Pawson, Art Monthly
Mark Pawson, Why Publish Noise?
Graham Peet, UK Luscury
Barbara Pfenningstorff, UK Sylvia Plath Birthday Letters Ted Hughes Ariel
Michalis Pichler, Germany Six hands and a cheese sandwich
Michalis Pichler, Germany Monsanto Company Earnings Call Transcript
Michalis Pichler, Germany Der Einzige und sein Eigentum
Michalis Pichler, Germany Blattecke
Michalis Pichler, Sentences On Conceptual
Michalis Pichler, Germany Twenty Six Gasoline Stations
Deniz Pireci, Yldizlarin Zamani, Time for the Stars
Daphne Plessner and Wiebke Leister, Natasha Caruana (The Putting On Collective), UK ´Putting On: Kessinger´ , 2011: 'Laughter: An Essay on the Meaning of the Comic'
Jason Pollan, US The Every Piece Of Art In The Museum Of Modern Art Book
Waldemar Pranckiewicz , UK The Pharmakon No1 zine
Waldemar Pranckiewicz, UK I'll be your mirror
Madeleine Preston, Australia Ways of seeing - reader version
Olaf Probst, Germany Vom Zeihen
School Public , There is Nothing Less Passive Than The Act of Fleeing
Marc Fisher, Public Collectors, US The Unforgettable Fire
Steve Richards, UK The Search of invariants: The Diamond Theory of Truth, The Miracle Octad Generator and Metalibrarianship
Jonathan Safran Foer, US Tree of Codes
Sarah Sajid, UK The Pirate
Clarissa San Pedro, Brazil Piracy Catch
Rachel Simkover, Germany I Wanna Be Bad
Kathy Slade, Canada Dan Graham Drawings 1965 - 1969
Cornelia Sollfrank, UK generator
Schwarz Stefanie, UK Open Work , May 2011
SybinQ Art Projects, UK A Story in the Neverending Story written in Italian around 1995, translated to English in 2011
Sissu Tarka, UK Pirate Affect
The Happy Hipocrite, UK Volatile Dispersal
The Piracy Project, UK October copy
The Plagiarist Press, US The History of Plagiarism
Alejandra Ugarte Bedwell, US Finding Grandma Bear
Alejandra Ugarte Bedwell, US Re:...Y...donde están los libros?
Eva Weinmayr, UK Eva Weinmayr
Eva Weinmayr, UK Lery
Eva Weinmayr, Suitcase Body Is Missing Woman
Eva Weinmayr, UK The Blanchot Reader
Werkplaats Typografie, The Netherlands Mary Shelley Facsimile Library
Franz West, Austria West
Christiaan Wikkering, Conceptual Art For Dummies
Makoto Yamada, UK ne etrangére lit L'étranger (An outsider reading The Outsider)
Rahel Zoller, UK Kafka and I and I