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Chris Habib,  
Date: 2011  
Publisher: Visitor  
Format: 23 x 15 cm, 296 pages  
Printing: Offset, black & white, sewn binding  
ISBN: None  
Source: Aesop Fables, Twitter  
A cut-up exquisite corpse from the age of social media, the artist's 'cleptostructions' retell Aesop's fables using appropriated Twitter messages arranged to fit each story's form. The artist lays down instructions for the process as follows: “Continue plagiarising, stringing tweets together, one by one, until something recognisable in spirit to your entire source fable is cleptostructed. Present this cleptostruction alongside both an ordered list of the search terms used to build it and either a directly plagiarised copy, or a subtly modified re-telling of the source fable.”