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000 Kitap  
Date: 2011  
Publisher: Postaci Yayinlari  
Format: 19,4 x 13,4 cm, 383 pages  
Printing: offset, black & white, paperback  
ISBN: 978-6058737709  
Source: Dokunan yanar by Ahmet Şik  
Journalist Ahmet Şik's book alleges widespread, corrupting influence on the Turkish police by the country's powerful, Sufi-inspired Gulenist movement. Şik was arrested before the book could be published and the work was immediately posted online. It has now been downloaded over a hundred thousand times. Şik faces charges of terrorism for writing the book and the hard copy version collected here is a sort of 'I'm Spartacus' response to this, with 125 co-signatories claiming authorship of the work in solidarity with Şik.