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Anonymous Istanbul,  
Date: N/A  
Publisher: N/A  
Format: 20 x 14.5 cm, 348 pages  
Printing: Laser print, section bound,  
ISBN: None  
Source: Feminism/Postmodernism, Thinking Gender by Linda J. Nicholson, Routledge 1990  
While on a residency at SALT in Istanbul, Eva, one of the Piracy Project curators, was taken to a copy shop containing over 3000 bootlegs of academic publications, each with a monochrome cover. Eva's guide singled out Feminism/Postmodernism as a book she herself had had copied there with friends when they were students. Back in London, Eva found, in the Byam Shaw Library, an original Routledge edition of the same publication, which is included here by way of comparison.