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Ilan Manouach,Greece  
Date: 2012  
Format: 17 x 24cm, 278 pages  
Printing: Offset, black & white, paperback  
ISBN: 2-930356-84-7  
Source: MAUS from Art Spiegelman  
A reprint of Art Spiegelman's Maus in which all characters, not just the Nazis, are depicted with cats' heads. It was published in November 2011 and first shown in public in January 2012 at the International Comics Festival of Angoulême, at which Spiegelman was president. Two weeks before official distribution of the book was scheduled to begin (its print-run of 800 having sold out in advance), the rights holders for the French translation of Maus threatened legal action and Katz's publishers, unable to afford a court battle, destroyed the print-run (though only after 32 copies of it had been mysteriously stolen from the artist/author's car). The destruction was marked with a small gallery show and a new publication, MetaKatz, is now being prepared by the publishers, collating contributions from comics critics, authors, historians, book buyers, lawyers and artist interviews.