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John & Daniel C. Howe Cayley,USA  
How It Is in Common Tongues  
Date: 2012  
Publisher: NLLF Press, Providence  
Format: 21.5 x 14 cm, 296 pages  
Printing: Print on demand  
ISBN: 978-0-948454-30-1  
Source: Phrases found online through an universally accessible search engine that coincide to Beckett, S., How It Is  
How It Is in Common Tongues was composed by searching for the text of Samuel Beckett's "How It Is" using a universally accessible search engine, attempting to find, in sequence, the longest common phrases from "How It Is" that were composed by writers or writing machines other than Beckett. These phrases are quoted from a portion of the commons of language that happens to have been indexed by a well-known service.