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Anne Nora Fischer,Denmark  
Den Handinbudne Bog  
Date: 2013  
Publisher: N/A  
Format: A4, 96 pages  
Printing: Laser , colour, hand sewn  
Source: Priem Nielsen, A. V., Knud Erik Larsen and Johs. Hyloft, Den Handinbudne Bog (Forening for Boghaandvaerk, Denmark, 1970)  
A remake of a rare book on hand bookbinding found in a second hand book shop in Aarhus, documented digitally and printed and hand-sewn for the Piracy Collection. The book's former owner was a local bookbinder, whose death left a gap in the art and craft knowledge of bookbinding in Denmark. Thus the remake reflects on the constantly disappearing knowledge and things considered to be "inefficient".