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Joe Hale,UK  
Getting Inside Simon Morris' Head  
Date: 2014  
Publisher: Information as Material  
Format: 20 x 12 cm, 324 pages  
Printing: offset, black & white, perfect binding  
ISBN: 1907468218 / 978-1907468216  
Source: Morris, Simon "Getting Inside Jack Kerouac's Head", Information as Material, 2010  
Getting Inside Simon Morris’ Head is a performative retyping of Simon Morris’ conceptual bookwork Getting Inside Jack Kerouac’s Head. Like Morris’ original performance of re-typing the scroll edition of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, Hale’s project first appeared as a blog. At the rate of one page per day, Hale re-typed Morris’ entire book, re-retracing Kerouac’s famous adventure. As each post presented one page, and the default settings of the blog platform organise the posts in reverse order, Morris gave us all of Kerouac’s pages in reverse order. Now inverted again, Hale has restored the direction of travel to the story and produced a wholly (un)original new text in the process.