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The Piracy Project,UK  
October copy  
Date: 2012  
Publisher: N/A  
Format: A4, 60 pages  
Printing: Laser , black & white, stapled  
Source: Kado, Steven "OctoberJr.", 2010  
This publication was produced during a panel discussion organised by The Piracy Project at Printed Matter (NY) during the HELP/LESS exhibition by Chris Habib, an exploration on the fluidity of authorship. We invited Joanne McNeil, Anthony Huberman, David Senior and Sergio Muñoz Sarmiento to select three works to be copied from the exhibition and added to the collection. "October Jr." by Steven Kado, a 3/4 scale model of issue number 12 of October magazine was reproduced using Printed Matters xerox machine.