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Zoe Anspach,UK  
Design as art revisited  
Date: 2011  
Publisher: Self-published  
Format: 12 x 15 cm, 20 pages  
Printing: Laser, colour, stapled  
ISBN: None  
Source: Bruno Munari, Design as Art, 2008, Penguin Modern Classics. Elsevier-Dutton , The World of Art Deco by Bevis Hillier, 1971. , New York. Jost Hochuli and Robin Kinross, Designing books: practice and theory, 1996, Hyphen Press, London. Bret Easton Ellis, American Psycho, 2000, Picador, New edition  
An exploration of Bruno Munari’s 1966 book of essays, Design as Art. Selections from Munari’s essays are interspersed with material by other writers and artists, including the author, a book designer and artist, combining her interest in the practical element of book-making with an examination of the book as a vessel of ideas.