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Aurélie Noury / Éditions Lorem Ipsum,France  
Federico Juan Carlos Loomis, "Peut-être", "Lune","Creme","Paillasse","Ours" "Béret basque", 2009  
Date: 2009  
Publisher: Editions Lorem Ipsum  
Format: 19 x 13 cm, 4 pages  
Printing: Digital, black & white, folded  
ISBN: 978-2-918829-05-8, 978-2-918829-02-7 , 978-2-918829-04-1 , 978-2-918829-00-3, 978-2-918829-03-4 , 978-2-918829-01-0  
Source: Jorge Luis Borges and Adolfo Bioy Casares, Catalogue et analyse des divers ouvrages de Loomis, in Chroniques de Bustos Domecq  
At last in print: the full, formerly fictitious oeuvre of Federico Juan Carlos Loomis, author of books containing only a single word or phrase.