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Vera, Joachim Melf, Eva Weinmayr, Büchlmann,UK  
Date: 1997  
Publisher: Prinzen Verlag  
Format: 23 x 17 cm, 46 pages  
Printing: Offset, colour, stapled, edition of 1000  
ISBN: 3-00-001296-6  
Source: Various artbooks with images of work by Daniel Buren, Guenther Foerg, Lucio Fontana, Per Kirkeby, Yves Klein, Frank Stella, Cy Twombly and Sol LeWitt  
The authors/artists subject catalogue images of work by Buren, Förg, Fontana, Kirkeby, Klein, Stella, Twombly and LeWitt to a variety of copy processes, resulting in a series of coloured patterns that are only occasionally traceable back to their sources.