Boxing and Unboxing

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We want to learn more about non-verbal negotiation, care, anger, dialogue, transgressions and defense. We hope that training together will teach us to relate’ and help us find a new language to talk about the many conflicts and contradictions we need to negotiate. The boxing classes are free and for all abilities, ages (16+), shapes and religions. You dont have to be fit or strong or cool to take part. Boxing gloves and other equipment will be provided. To book a place, ask more questions or alert us to specific needs, contact Jenny:

Boxing classes: 11 June, 13 June, 15 June, 18 June, 20 June, 6–8 pm

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poster in Swedish, English, Arabic, or Tigrinya.


We brought a pile of boxes to Marabouparken Konsthall and will unbox them during our residency. The boxes contain publications we have worked on, documents, which we want to investigate and miscellaneous items related to our projects and inquiries.* Info: we moved out of the exhibition space and took over one of Marabouparken’s staff offices on the second floor in order to turn it into an Unboxing Room.

We will unpack our boxes and ask:

Why do we publish  What are we publishing  How do we publish  What does it mean to understand our work not as a ‘noun’, but as a ‘verb’  Where do we put the many things we’re doing, that don’t fit into boxes  What’s the problem with categorisation  How do we resist the demand for individual authorship?  Why do we NOT want a unified face  How can we subvert the social pressure to produce faces  How do you ‘work politically’ instead of making work ‘about politics’  What’s the problem with writing a colophon in the book  How do we negotiate with institutional bodies  Why would we go on a residency when we struggle to pay rent at home  Where can we store our boxes  How long does it take to travel to Stockholm from London by train  Why do we all speak English  Why is what we are doing called research or education and not art  Where did we meet  What happens if we don’t work together anymore  Who has invited us and why  How are we spending the budget  Do we want to stay in a two-bedroom or a one-bedroom apartment  Do you want tea  Have you read the S.C.U.B manifesto  What’s the Wifi password  Which objects didn’t we bring because we were worried they might get stolen  How do we make this residency visible  Who has the time to engage  What can we make public  When does the residency end  Who would be our ideal boxing teacher  What happens if we hurt ourselves  Who gives in  Who compromises  Who accommodates  Who cares  Who edits  Who organises  Who translates  Do we need a new, less tired and exclusive language to talk about all of this  And how do you document laughter 

Unboxing events: Sun 6 May, 2–5 pm, Sat 16 June, 2–5 pm, Sun 26 August, 2–5 pm

The Piracy ProjectTeaching for people who prefer not to teachThe Library of Omissions and InclusionsLets MobilizeWhat is Feminist Pedagogy?a selection of good and bad sports bras (D cup and upwards)Keep It Complex, as well as our terms and conditions, emails and other miscellaneous items.


We have t-shirt or hoodies our shop. Look here.

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Our boxing calendar is printed and ready! It contains collages, documentation and instructions from the boxing classes. A year full of jokes, motivational quotes and exercises. Look here.