A conference about self care in an unequal art world

25 – 27 March 2016
AND Studio London

I Must Decline For Secret Reasons is a conference hosted at the AND studio, organised by Kerri Jefferis, Sophie Chapman and Rosalie Schweiker.

With contributions from Alexandrina Hemsley, Chloe Cooper, Eva Rowson, Evan Ifekoya, Kathrin Böhm, Kerri Jefferis, Leonie Cronin, Lynne Friedli, Margherita Huntley, Idle Women, Open Barbers, Rosalie Schweiker, Sophie Chapman, Susannah Worth, Valeria Graziano. Supported by an ARTSADMIN artist bursary funded by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation.

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Publishing as Artistic Practice

2 Februar 2015, 3—8 pm
Lettretage, Freie Universität Berlin

What does it mean to publish today? In the face of a continuously changing media landscape, institutional upheavals and discursive shifts in the legal, artistic and political fields, concepts of ownership, authorship, work, accessibility and publicity are being renegotiated. The field of publishing not only stands at the intersection of these developments but is actively introducing new ruptures. More…

Symposium convened by Annette Gilbert and Kristen Müller.
Read the book  Publishing as Artistic Practice, 304 pages, edited by Annette Gilbert, published by Sternberg Press, April 2016.



The Politics of Narrative

12 October 2014, 2—6pm
Glasmoog, Academy of Media Art, Cologne

Please join us for a symposium with screenwriter Sylke Rene Meyer, who will take us on a rollercoaster through modern concepts of time, games, serial storytelling and authorship with her essay The Politics of Narrative.



Gespräch an der Bar 

11 October 2014, 6pm
Glasmoog, Academy of Media Arts Cologne

Thank you all for coming to Andrea Francke and Eva Weinmayr’s talk in the Piracy Project Reading Room in Cologne and special thanks to Sarah Käsmayr for telling us about her stunning research into the the history of pirated versions of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ Chronicle of a Death Foretold in Germany in the 70s and 80s — and for taking us to the Raubdruck Archiv in Düsseldorf the next day.


The Classroom at New York Art Book Fair

28 September 2014
The New York Art Bookfair, MoMa PS1

For The Classroom we invite artist Lauren Haaften-Schick and lawyer Sergio Munoz Sarmiento to discuss their recent essay Cariou v. Prince: towards a theory of aesthetic-judicial judgements. They are analysing the Second Circuit’s verdict in the Cariou vs Prince fair use ruling, reflecting on questions of class, labour, and what happens when appropriation becomes a tool of power. The Classroom is curated by David Senior and it’s free.


Why Write? Feminism, Publishing and Politics of Communication

6 June 2014
Centre for Feminist Research, Goldsmiths College, London

The question of what to write, how to write, and where to write have always been central to feminism. Writing matters not only in the dissemination of knowledge but to the creation of feminist publics. The history of feminism includes a history of materials that have been passed around. In this workshop we hope both to return to some of these histories of feminist writing (to consider, for example, the role of feminist presses, the uses of brochures and pamphlets as well as experimentations with genre) as well as to reflect on the challenges and opportunities for feminists raised by digitalization. We hope to open up theoretical questions about the materiality of writing, the relation of writing to bodies and worlds, as well as practical questions about how we write, publish, distribute, own, access or display feminist work (from literature, art, drama and performance, to blogging, journalism and academic books). By ‘writing’ we thus not only refer to scripts or texts, but all forms of communication. Convened by Sara Ahmed and Sarah Kember.

Download programme.


Giving What You Don’t Have

7 December 2013
Grand Union Birmingham

Cornelia Sollfrank interviewed us in the Piracy Project Reading Room at Grand Union in Birmingham. The conversation is par of her research Giving What You Don’t Have including interviews with Femke Snelting, Sean Dockray, Marcell Mars Dmytri Kleiner and Kenneth Goldsmith.

giving what you don't have

A Day at the Court Room

15 June 2013, 2—5 pm
The Showroom London

In a performative debate, three intellectual property lawyers will use their different legal backgrounds to explore concepts of legality, illegality and the nuances in-between assessing selected cases from The Piracy Collection.

Lionel Bently is the Herchel Smith Professor of Intellectual Property at the University of Cambridge.
Sergio Muñoz Sarmiento is a New York based artist who practices art law (The Law Office of Sergio Muñoz Sarmiento) and runs the Art and Law website Clancco.com.
Prodromos Tsiavos is legal project lead for Creative Commons England, Wales and Greece.

Download transcript
A Day at the Court Room, English, published in Borrowing, Poaching, Plagiarising, AND Publishing 2014
Un día en el juzgado (excerpt) Spanish, published in Imprentas desobedientes, Mexico 2015 ed by Nicolás Pradilla.


Poaching — Roundtable with Stephen Wright

18 May 2013, 2–5pm
The Showroom, London

“I feel more comfortable with a notion of “poaching” instead of piracy: poachers are those who in the shadow of the night make forays behind the enclosures of the owner’s land,capture their prey, and withdraw. I guess poaching, too, has a bad name, but I think both the scale and mode of intervention is more appropriate to describing off-the-radar cultural practices today.” “Usership stands opposed to the whole conceptual institution of ownership – the very thing that piracy, in its contemporary cultural coinage, like poaching and hacking, is supposed to challenge.” Stephen Wright, Lexicon of Usership.

This is one of three events organised during AND Publishing’s residency at The Showroom in London. More…




Is printing on demand really only just adding water?

6 October 2012
Vancouver Art Gallery

Kathy Slade (Publication Studio, Vancouver), Brian Kennon (2nd Cannons Publications, Los Angeles) and Eva Weinmayr (AND, London) explore the potential and limitations of print on demand publishing. Looking at current examples that utilize the conceptual and creative possibilities of this specific mode of production, this informal discussion will share practicalities, knowledge and anecdotes around print on demand publishing and distribution.

Vancouver Art/Book Fair is hosted by Project Space and Fillip and runs from 5th-7th October 2012. www.vancouverartbookfair.com


Variable Format- Abake

Truth is Concrete, Steirischer Herbst Graz

21 September – 28 September 2012
Steirischer Herbst, Graz Austria

If you’re in Graz Austria please stop by Truth is Concrete, a 24/7 marathon camp, where around 150 artists, activists and scientists will lecture, 
perform, play, produce, debate and collect artistic strategies in politics and political strategies 
in art. The marathon is a machine, running in the centre, inspiring and frustrating.

The Piracy Project asks participants and speakers and audience to provide books they have engaged with by adding thoughts, replies, challenges or any other alterations in the form of, for instance, annotations, underlined passages or ripped-out pages. These books make visible hidden dialogues between authors and their readers. Facsimiles of the original books will be produced and added to the camp library which will be open to the public during the whole festival.




Various Fires in Publishing at Witte de With

15 – 16 September 2012
Witte de With, Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam

Walking away from Facebook—In conversation with Renée Turner, Director of the Piet Zwart Institute, AND will discuss how useful Facebook is for us today to distribute our ideas and build our audiences. We’ll look behind Facebook’s public (inter)face to discuss the limitations and opt out clauses that aren’t so evident. We’ll also discuss alternatives to this monopolizing social network, while deciding whether or not to end it there and then and publicly remove ourselves from Facebook on stage.

Various Fires in Publishing is a series of presentations by small press/self-publishers and workshops exploring collaborative printing practices. It’s organised by PrintRoom Rotterdam. Presentations and workshops by AND Publishing, LemonMelon and Fucking Good Art.


Unravel Unauthorise Upcycle, Eastside Projects

21 July 2012, 1—8pm
Eastside Projects Birmingham

We invite you to a one day workshop exploring different strategies for selfpublishing. Using Gavin Wade’s manifesto Upcycle This Text as a starting point, you in collaboration with other participants develop an instant publication and take it to print.

In the evening Harry and Robin (An Endless Supply), Gavin Wade (Eastside Projects) and Eva and Lynn (AND Publishing) seek to unpick thinking around self publishing by interrogating the structures and systems that limit and subvert the flow of information and ideas. Convened by Extra Special People.


Futures and Options, Salt Istanbul

15 — 16 March 2012
SALT Galata

The two-day events programme is part of Joseph Redwood Martinez’s long-term project “One day, everything will be free…” at SALT, Istanbul engaging with the promises of free economies, contemporary finance, and the cultural institution. This much is known: the task at hand is to implicate the relationship between SALT and the funding institution. But in order to do this, the project begins with a detour, a direct detour, directly into that which is made to disappear from view: associative histories and certain technical aspects of the job; knowledge economies, cultural piracy, class relations, and structural contradictions. Six speakers have been invited to give research presentations:  Eva Weinmayr  (The Piracy Project), Laurel Ptak (Publishing In Process: Ownership In Question),  Özgür Uçkan (Big Brother v. Little Brothers), Caleb Waldorf (Interface and Labor),  Matteo Pasquinelli (Surplus and the Common)



thanks to Asli Altay for the picture

I’m a pirate — are you?

25 – 27 November 2011
Miss Read, KW Institute of Contemporary Art, Berlin

We are interested in the methodology of piracy and its significance for contemporary culture. The word piracy is applied to very different activities ranging from file sharing to attacking freight ships, from the production of counterfeit goods to mixing culture and – to political parties. We, The Piracy Project, are not only interested in your bit-torrent or fake goods, but whether you use the works of others to build your own? Have you been pirated yourself and feel robbed of your intellectual property? Where are the limits in our engagement with culture? We would like to hear from you! Your input can be a lengthy declaration or as short as one sentence.


Discussion — Cultural Piracy at Whitechapel Art Book Fair

24 September 2011
The London Art Book Fair 2011
Whitechapel Art Gallery, London

Where does the creative act lie in the process of copying? Cultural piracy is pervading publishing worldwide, but what makes these new forms original and what issues are raised?

Participants include artists Andrea Francke and Eva Weinmayr, The Piracy Project, AND Publishing; Kenneth Goldsmith, founder, UbuWeb and Nick Thurston, Editor of information as material, who is currently writer in residence at the Whitechapel Art Gallery.

Listen to the discussion on soundcloud


The Piracy Lectures

5 May — 8 June 2011
Byam Shaw School of Art Library
2 Elthorne Road, London N19 4AG

As part of The Piracy Project we would like to invite you to join a series of lectures around book piracy, the concept of authorship and politics of copyright. With James Bridle, Elenor Vonne Brown, Daniel McClean, Maria Fusco, Bobbie Johnson, Prodromos Tsiavos and Andrea Francke.

Lectures start at 6.30 pm
See full programme and podcasts.

Pirate vendor Lima

Pirate Books in Peru

25 March 2012
X Marks the Bokship

Book piracy exists in many countries and book pirates in Peru for example go beyond creating unlicensed reprints – they have even begun to interfere with the content. An entire genre of “improved” versions is emerging.

In this illustrated talk artist Andrea Francke will present the findings of her recent research trip to Lima, where she visited book stores, street markets and traffic lights, where pirated books are for sale. She returned to London with a heavy suitcase full of versions, which will be on display at the Bökship. Listen to podcast



AMASS, Towards an Economy of the Commons

16 April 2011, 2 – 6pm
Chisenhale Gallery, London


Organised by Doxa, …ment and Amateurist Network, three independent collectives based in London, this one-day event addresses the question, ‘What is the protocol of the commons?’ Artists, academics and policy-makers debate culture-led regeneration, precarity in the cultural economy and open source practices in the digital domain.

With Stevphen Shukaitis, Amateurist Network, Eva Weinmayr,  Sion Whellens, Anthony Illes, University for Strategic Optimism