Box me in? No thank you – T-shirt
Rosalie Schweiker, Eva Weinmayr

Made for the boxing classes at Marabouparken Konsthall this summer, the T-shirts and Hoodies are now in the shop.
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teaching for people who prefer not to teach
M Bayerdoerfer and R Schweiker (editors)

A6, 231 pages, b/w with red glossy cover, printed by Aldgate Press, designed by M Huntley

Teaching For People Who Prefer Not To Teach is a manual that fits in your pocket. “It’s a messy collection of ideas: contributions our friends and colleagues sent us, our own learning experiences and rumours we heard. You might ask yourself who this manual is for. Is it for teachers? Is it for students? Is it only relevant for teaching art? The answer is: Yes and No. We don’t know. Probably both. As self-employed artists, we have become used to performing our services anywhere, for anybody who books us. One day we might be doing a happy crafty afternoon in a primary school, the next day a post-graduate seminar on exhibition-making, the day after we’re making soup for the reading group we organised. And our methodologies need to work in all of these contexts” (from the editor’s notes)

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Let's Mobilize: What is Feminist Pedagogy?
Feminist Pedagogy Working Group, Valand Academy, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

A4, 112 pages, b&w/colour, digital print;  insert: A5, 24 pages, digital print

This workbook has been published for Let’s Mobilize: What is Feminist Pedagogy?, a three day investigation of queer and feminist pedagogies at Valand Academy Gothenburg 12—14 October 2016. It includes excerpts of texts we have been reading over time, contributions by instigators and participants of the mobilization, staff and students at Valand and other forms of utterings. It serves as a tool to inform and share the discussions the working group has had prior to the mobilization. It is also a resource to facilitate critical reflection in the student body at Valand Art Academy. On Friday 16 September an assembly day took place in the entrance hall of Valand Academy.

With contributions by Rudy Loewe, Jenny Tunedal, Johanna Gustavsson and Zafire Vrba, Annette Krauss, Charlotte Cooper, Bedfellows, Sarah Kember and Eva Weinmayr, Red Ladder Theatre, Andrea Phillips, Sara Ahmed, Alison Bechdel, Kajsa Eriksson, Kajsa Widegren, Dean Spade, Sophie Vögele (, Eve Tuck and K.Wayne Yang, Rosalie Schweiker, See Red Womens Workshop, Isabell Lorey, Lisa Godon, Martin McCabe, Mick Wilson, Hajar Alsaidan.  Download pdf 

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Borrowing, Poaching, Plagiarising, Pirating, Stealing, Gleaning, Referencing, Leaking, Copying, Imitating, Adapting, Faking, Paraphrasing, Quoting, Reproducing, Using, Counterfeiting, Repeating, Cloning, Translating
Andrea Francke & Eva Weinmayr

25 x 21 cm, 140 pages, digital print
Published, designed and produced by AND, 2014

The Piracy Project Reader is an open-ended reader, which will develop as people buy shares in one of its chapters. It explores the vocabulary relevant to Piracy Project and so far contains essays and contributions by Dave Hickey, Eva Hemmungs-Wirten, Joanne McNeil, Karen Di Franco, Lionel Bently, Prodromos Tsiavos, Sergio Munoz Sarmiento and awaits prospective essays by James Bridle, Stephen Wright and 16 others. Courtroom drawings are by Stephanie Thandiwe Johnstone. Many thanks to all supporters who have already bought a share.

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Open School East Reader
OSE associates 2013 - 2014

Open School East reader with contributions from its 2013/14 associates: Yemi Awosile, Ania Bas, Lucy Beech, Anna Colin, Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau, Andrea Francke, Charlie George, Jonathan Hoskins, Ross Jardine, Graham Reid, Eva Rowson, Lisa Skuret, Tommy Thing. Printed by Hato Press and supported by Artquest.

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Local Trade Theory
Ania Bas

#highstreet #cafe #neighbours #localtrade #protest #commitment #survival #everyday #properjob #shortstory #fiction #art #exhibition #cardiff

@localtradetheory is a project by Ania Bas, commissioned by CAAPO as part of the Survivalist Series 2013/14.

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Weather Forecast (1) - a fair amount of cloud around
Marina Kampka

15.24 x 22.86 cm, b&w, 216 pages, bound paperback, 2014
printed by Lulu, published using AND Public
ISBN 9781908452603

»Weather forecast« is a non-complete and subjective collection of english weather forecasts, edited out of 28 (random) newspapers during 4 different London visits between october 2012 and september 2013. Read in those small excerpts, the english weather appears like poetry. Weather forecast (1) shows the »weather poems« one after another. Weather forecast (2) uses the book format differently: every »poem« is printed side-inverted on the backside of front page. Due to transparency of the paper, the text can be read »through« the page.

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Weather Forecast (2) - another grey start
Marina Kampka

15.24 x 22.86 cm, b&w, 216 pages, bound paperback, 2014
printed by Lulu, published using AND Public
ISBN 9781908452603

»Weather forecast« is a non-complete and subjective collection of english weather forecasts, edited out of 28 (random) newspapers during 4 different London visits between october 2012 and september 2013. Read in those small excerpts, the english weather appears like poetry. Weather forecast (1) shows the »weather poems« one after another. Weather forecast (2) uses the book format differently: every »poem« is printed side-inverted on the backside of front page. Due to transparency of the paper, the text can be read »through« the page.

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Manual Labours Manual (Issue 2)
Sophie Hope and Jenny Richards

210 x 297mm 28 pages, colour or black & white, 2014
Published by Cultural Democracy Editions using AND Public

Manual Labours Manual #2 builds on research developed through a series of workshops with a complaints team in a London Borough Council and cultural workers in Melbourne, Helsinki and Stockholm throughout 2014. This second issue explores the overlaps between the fields of complaining and criticality in order to explore affinities between these different work forces and find out where and how the body is put to work in these two seemingly unconnected contexts.

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Manual Labours Manual (Issue 1)
Sophie Hope and Jenny Richards

210 x 297mm 28 pages, colour or black & white, 2013
Published by Cultural Democracy Editions using AND Public
ISBN 978-0-9570282-2-7

This first issue of the Manual Labours Manual documents the initial phase of a long term research project exploring physical relationships to work. Using a low-fi cut and paste approach to the transcripts, ephemera and images collected so far, the document reconsiders current time-based structures of work (when does work start and end?) and reasserts the significance of the physical (manual) aspect of immaterial, affective and emotional labour.

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Nadia Hebson

22 x 28 cm, 124 pages, full colour, 2014
Published by Nadia Hebson using AND Public Designed by Kaisa Lassinaro
Supported by Newcastle University and The Derek Hill Foundation
ISBN 978-1-908452-48-1

Made in response to the work of British artist Winifred Knights (1899-1947). Winifred Knights was the first woman to hold a British School of Rome Scholarship. Well regarded during her lifetime, her early death and diminutive body of work, have lead to her legacy being largely forgotten. Nadia Hebson reconsiders the breadth of Knights’ oeuvre and explores the significance of Knights’ clothing, correspondence and interior design in relation to her paintings.

£13.50 (plus p&p)

Walking Reading Group
Ania Bas, Lydia Ashman, Simone Mair

The Walking Reading Group is a project that facilitates knowledge exchange in an intimate and dynamic way through discussing texts whilst walking together.

This publication explores the relationship between walking and reading through texts and visuals, with contributions from Rebecca Bainart, Kit Caless, Faiza Shaheen and Ken Worpole. We have also included a text by artist and regular participant, John Levett. Participants’ comments and documentation complete the publication.

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We Were Trying To Make Sense...
Edited by Magda Fabianczyk and Sophie Hoyle

A4, 40 pages, blue risograph print, stapled, 2013
printed by An Endless Supply, published using AND Public
Drawing and cover design by Justyna Scheuring

The publication looks at artist and non-artist collaborations. It is a platform for reflecting on these processes from a number of perspectives, looking at specific issues concerning ethics, power dynamics, communication, and representation. With contributions from Rachel Anderson of Artangel, Broniowianki Folk Group, Petra Bryant, Sophie Hoyle, Magda Fabianczyk, Tilly Fowler of AIR at CSM, Emaan Mahmud, David Roberts, Alicja Rogalska, Justyna Scheuring and Erica Scourti.

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£5 (plus p&p)

The Author of Everything (Piracy Paper #2)
James Bridle

22.5 x 13,5 cm, 8 pages, black & white, three hole pamphlet stitch, 2011
Printed and published by AND

The second of the Piracy Papers, a series that explores material previously only published online. In this short story James Bridle explores the possibilities and practices created by the current practice to employ workers overseas to digitize classic English literature into e-books. What are the systems that guarantee the truthful “transformation” of these texts.
Apropos—instability of texts. What have you been reading?

£3 (plus p&p)

Jackson Hole (Piracy Papers#1)
Michael Eddy, Grandpa Eddy

21 x 12,5 cm, 10 pages, black & white, digital print on recycled paper, three hole pamphlet stitch, 2013
printed and published by AND

The first of a series of Piracy Papers, a series that explores material previously only published online. Michael Eddy exchanges a series of emails with his grandfather about the re-creation of the eponymous American town on the outskirts of Beijing, China. Michael is currently living in Beijing and his grandfather lives close to the original Jackson Hole. They both exchange their personal impressions as well as general information about these two places that— although connected — are so different from each other.

£3 (plus p&p)

The Junk Ships on Alibaba (Piracy Paper #3)
Joanne McNeil

20 x 12 cm, 12 pages, colour, three hole pamphlet stitch,
Printed and published by AND

The third of the Piracy Papers, a series that explores material previously only published online. In this short story, Joanne McNeil describes a series of encounters with different types of counterfeit cultures around the world and their interaction with digital technologies.

£3 (plus p&p)

Variable Formats
AND publishing and Åbäke

Published by AND
Designed by Åbäke
published in 12 formats
ISBN 978-1-907840-09-8

Variable Format is sample book, a model, a serial system that explores the technological margins of print on demand and how reading is informed by the materiality of the book object. Examining the quality of print reproduction, paper, binding, cover and size, the book has been produced in twelve formats using different options of print on demand. Conceived by Lynn Harris, published by AND and designed by Åbäke with Pierre Pautler.

Community Without Propinquity
Inheritance Projects

26 x 19 cm, 116 pages, digital offset & risograph printed with clip binding
Published by Inheritance Projects with Milton Keynes Gallery using AND Public
Co-produced by AND and An Endless Supply
ISBN 978-1-908452-10-8

A publication produced on the occasion of the exhibition ‘Community Without Propinquity’ at Milton Keynes Gallery, October to November 2011. Includes new commissions alongside material from the exhibition. Contributors: Amanda Beech, Paulo Catrica, Nathan Coley, Caroline Devine, Cao Fei, Cyprien Gaillard, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Pierre Huyghe, Jesal Kapadia, Kelly Large, Minouk Lim, Wayne Lloyd, Vincent Meessen, Ishmael Randall Weeks, Pia Rönicke, Emma Smith, Patrick Staff, Mark Aerial Waller, Stuart Whipps, Bai Xiaoci, Huang Xiaopeng.

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£8 (plus p&p)

The Piracy Collection as of 25.11.2011
Andrea Francke & Eva Weinmayr

21 × 15.4 cm, 90 pages, b&w, digital print, 2011
Published by AND Publishing

This booklet printed in black and white with a blank library card slid into the front cover contains the full catalogue of the books in The Piracy Collection received by November 25.11.2011. It represents a specific point in time, as the collection is constantly evolving. Alongside an introduction, the catalogue contains cover images and short descriptions of the submitted book projects demonstrating many different strategies and approaches to un-authorised copying and piracy.

£6 (plus p&p)

Shampoo Silenced by K. Lassinaro
Kaisa Lassinaro

A4, 100 pages, b&w, digital print
Printed by AND Recycled, published by K. Lassinaro using AND Public

In this book, published in the format of a Hollywood screeplay, artist Kaisa Lassinaro “silenced” the screenplay Shampoo, written by Robert Towne and Warren Beatty in 1975, removing all dialogue.

£6 (plus p&p)

Don’t be a Robot
Ruth Ewan

101 pages, A3, b&w, colour cover, digital print & photocopy, screw bound, 2010
Designed by Eva Weinmayr in collaboration with Ruth Ewan, produced by AND
ISBN 978-1-907840-05-0

Donʼt be a Robot brings together 100 drawings by young people. The drawings are imitations of a cartoon by political cartographer and artist J.F. Horrabin, first published in the magazine of The Plebsʼ League in the 1920s. This compendium of cover versions forms a rich body of interpretations. As a homage to the work of Horrabin it illustrates the bind in learning itself – is there such a thing as a neutral education process?

£38 (plus p&p)

Linger On Your Pale Blue Eyes
Rachel Cattle & Steve Richards

40 pages, size 26 x 40 cm, b&w, digital print, stapled, 2010
Designed by Eva Weinmayr, produced by AND
ISBN 978-1-907840-02-9

Linger On Your Pale Blue Eyes uses the form of the book to create a narrative arc from the constructions, sounds and memories of mix tape tracks. Elongated lines of text interspersed with hand drawn images reveal the precious associations of the mixed tape to relationships, those between people and between the tracks themselves.

£16 (plus p&p)

Dear Google
Print Matters Interest Group, CSM

34 pages, A4, b/w, colour cover, 2010
Printed by Hato Press
ISBN 978-1-907840-01-2

Print Matters Interest Group, a group of BA Graphic Design students from Central Saint Martins, collaboratively produced Dear Google to explore the transition and (mis)readings when printed matter is made digital. The book is designed to be sent to Google to be scanned by hand and seen online as a digital book. Each bespoke page of this ‘open letter’ confronts the scanner (and the audience) with questions of the nature and ownership of content, and of how the book should be read and thus reproduced.

Out of print

Mass For Real Estate
Roman Vasseur

PowerPoint animation and pdf (co-written with Matthew Poole)
print-out, 12 page, A5, b&w, full colour, digital print, side stapled
Designed by Thomas Ulrik Madsen @ T.U. studio, produced by AND
ISBN 978-1-907840-07-4

Mass For Real Estate presents us with an animated Powerpoint and text built from a combination of words and images that take as their cue a 1948 prayer of dedication for a new post war settlement. Evocative of the actual project from which they came, the two elements depict real and fictional artworks that act as places for gathering a fictional community that is nevertheless material and always in a state of ʻbecomingʼ. The work is inspired by Vasseurʼs role as Lead Artist for Harlow New Town, from 2007- 2009.

£10 (plus p£p)

Neil Chapman

16 pages, 28 x 18.5 cm, digital print, clip fastened
Designed by Nia Murphy, produced by AND
ISBN 978-1-907840-03-6

Many of the books on your shelves are important. They have been cited and discussed. But there are some that remain more ambiguous in their contribution. Inspired by Gilles Deleuze and Michel Foucaultʼs technique of ʻdiagonal readingʼ and taking Stanislaw Lemʼs Solaris as narrative context, Glossolaris proposes a new procedure for writing. The procedure draws on marginal research sources. Scenarios for a new book emerge. Like phenomena witnessed on the surface of a remote planet. This new book will not be written, but the scenarios exist as a plan.

£10 (plus p&p)

Colm Lally and Sissu Tarka

100 pages, 21 x 14.8 cm, digital print, loose cards
Designed by the artists, produced by AND
ISBN 978-1-907840-06-7

PROOF-READING is an index of proofread pages from an artist book documenting the artists’ actions during a residency in Banff, Canada, 2007. This book makes transparent the economies of publishing, systems of disconnections, the polyvocal, and established tactics of “improving content.”
PROOF-READING contains selected pages marked by the invited proofreaders: artists Yane Calovski, Cyril Lepetit, Edgar Schmitz and Anne Tallentire, composer Derek Charke and psychoanalyst Anouchka Grose.

£18 (plus p&p)

Monsters of the Wallace
Oliver Cronk

20 pages, 17 x 17 cm, digital print
Designed by Eva Weinmayr, produced by AND
ISBN 978-1-907840-04-3

Monsters of the Wallace presents a dark and witty take on the notorious Wallace Art Collection in London. Conflating divergent materials photocopied from catalogues of the lustrous collection Cronk creates stark collages and texts telling us laconically about the life and digressions of the creatures he encountered there.

£10 (plus p&p)

i am NOT my office
Gregory Sholette

A4, 4 pages, 2002

i am NOT my office consists of models, comics, drawings, and photographs based on an email questionnaire sent to people working in offices, asking them what type of “prosthetic” or super power they would like to possess. The project was first exhibited in Critical Mass at the Smart Museum of Art, Chicago.

Heart of Darkness: A Journey into the Dark Matter of the Art World
Gregory Sholette

A4, 18 pages, 2005

Where are the informal artists and what impact might they have on contemporary culture if any? And how would the hegemony of the art world be affected if scholars began to discuss the work of “Sunday” painters, amateur artists and hobbyists in terms similar to those used for “professional” artists? This essay was first published in the book Visual Worlds, John R. Hall, Blake Stimson & Lisa T. Becker editors, (NY & London: Routledge, 2005).

Some Call It Art: From Imaginary Autonomy to Autonomous Collectivity
Gregory Sholette

A4, 25 pages, 2000

A response to certain questions paraphrased as follows: What is the social value of art? Is it symbolic, or is art’s signification something to manipulate, a strategy for other, more practical even political ends?