Futures and Options, Salt Istanbul

15 — 16 March 2012
SALT Galata

The two-day events programme is part of Joseph Redwood Martinez’s long-term project “One day, everything will be free…” at SALT, Istanbul engaging with the promises of free economies, contemporary finance, and the cultural institution. This much is known: the task at hand is to implicate the relationship between SALT and the funding institution. But in order to do this, the project begins with a detour, a direct detour, directly into that which is made to disappear from view: associative histories and certain technical aspects of the job; knowledge economies, cultural piracy, class relations, and structural contradictions. Six speakers have been invited to give research presentations:  Eva Weinmayr  (The Piracy Project), Laurel Ptak (Publishing In Process: Ownership In Question),  Özgür Uçkan (Big Brother v. Little Brothers), Caleb Waldorf (Interface and Labor),  Matteo Pasquinelli (Surplus and the Common)



thanks to Asli Altay for the picture