We Were Trying To Make Sense...
Edited by Magda Fabianczyk and Sophie Hoyle

A4, 40 pages, blue risograph print, stapled, 2013
printed by An Endless Supply, published using AND Public
Drawing and cover design by Justyna Scheuring

The publication looks at artist and non-artist collaborations. It is a platform for reflecting on these processes from a number of perspectives, looking at specific issues concerning ethics, power dynamics, communication, and representation. With contributions from Rachel Anderson of Artangel, Broniowianki Folk Group, Petra Bryant, Sophie Hoyle, Magda Fabianczyk, Tilly Fowler of AIR at CSM, Emaan Mahmud, David Roberts, Alicja Rogalska, Justyna Scheuring and Erica Scourti.

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